Hydro power plant

Pelton hydraulic turbine and synchronous generator

The SGLab hydro power plant consists of a 7000 l water basin underneath the lab, a Pelton turbine with nominal flow of 27 l/s, a synchronous generator and the corresponding control and protection system. The water is pumped from the basin to the turbine simulating the penstock

The hydro power plant measurements and data are integrated into the laboratory PROZA NET SCADA system developed by Končar KET, Croatia.

Synchronous generator characteristics

Sn 20 kVA
Un 380 V
Rated power factor 0.5
Rated speed 1000 RPM
Synchronous reactance 0.8 p.u.
Transient reactance 0.093 p.u.
Subtransient reactance 0.093 p.u.
Negative sequence reactance 0.13 p.u.
Zero sequence reactance 0.04 p.u.