Smart Grid Laboratory was established in 2015. It consists of advanced power system components:

  • Multiple li-ion battery storage (38+18+18 kWh modular battery packs, 6x2.5 kW/6 kWh residential battery packs)
  • Supercapacitor energy storage (5 kW / 0.1 kWh; 96 Vdc/83 F)
  • Multiple PV strings (4x12.5+3x10+1x4 kW for a total of 84 kW installed capacity)
  • Controllable AC and DC loads 
  • DC drive driven engine that simulates a 15 kW thermal power plant (busbars, protection equipment, metering equipment)
  • 20 kW hydroelectric power plant with a Pelton turbine (with turbine governor and rated flow of 27 liters/s)
  • A system of power lines with corresponding circuit breakers that simulate a transmission grid


SGLab microgrid scheme


Photo of the lab (hydro power plant, Li-ion battery systems and control cabinets)


Photo of the lab (lecture hall, control and power cabinets) 

Photo of the rooftop PV system