Smart Grid Laboratory was established in 2015. It consists of advanced power system components:

  • Multiple li-ion battery storage (38+18+18 kWh modular battery packs, 6x2.5 kW/6 kWh residential battery packs)
  • Supercapacitor energy storage (5 kW / 0.1 kWh; 96 Vdc/83 F)
  • Multiple PV strings (4x12.5+3x10+1x4 kW for a total of 84 kW installed capacity)
  • Controllable AC and DC loads 
  • DC drive driven engine that simulates a 15 kW thermal power plant (busbars, protection equipment, metering equipment)
  • 20 kW hydroelectric power plant with a Pelton turbine (with turbine governor and rated flow of 27 liters/s)
  • A 13-bus low-voltage (400 V) distribution feeder based on the CIGRE benchmark model. The line parameters can be swapped between the line parameters from the CIGRE benchmark model and the line parameters of a typical low-voltage distribution network in Croatia.


SGLab microgrid scheme


Photo of the lab (hydro power plant, Li-ion battery systems and control cabinets)


Photo of the lab (lecture hall, control and power cabinets) 

Photo of the rooftop PV system